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Wraith-Horse is a 17-track compilation album containing music from General Mumble's My Little Pony-themed Halloween EPs between 2012 and 2017. It was released only as a limited-edition CD.

The Wraith-Horse digipak and physical disc.

Track listing

  1. Crack Up the Creepy
  2. Mourning in Ponyville
  3. Dinner's Severed, Pinkie
  4. Haunted Maze
  5. Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  6. Cupcakes (feat. Pupae)
  7. Devil In Me (feat. Tellab)
  8. >=)
  9. She Sank
  10. Death in the Treetops
  11. Perfect
  12. Winter Forever
  13. Consumed (You're Doomed) (feat. Daemien)
  14. We May Be Divided (feat. Mica and Daemien)
  15. The Stare Master
  16. Stones to Dust (feat. Blueschist)
  17. Goodbye, Holiday