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Walkies~ is the third release by Spott and her first album in 2 years. The album is approx. 45% content submitted to compilation albums. It features 2 collaborations, one with HACKD and one with Raddons [as Trent].

The song "I Came (to the party obviously)" originally appeared on Pinkamena Party's "Arse & Hooves Day" Valentine's Day compilation album.

The songs "Wrecked 'em!" and "much flavo(u)r, very zebra music, wow" originally appeared on Pinkamena Party's "Academy of Booty".

The song "Futurehybrid Canine" originally appeared on Swaffelcore Records' "24 Hours of Pain: Old Into New".

The song "Lesson.69 Cum Escapade" originally appeared on GakAttack Record's "Gak Attack Vol. 2"

Track listing

  1. Hello U^ェ^U 2.0
  2. I Came (to the party obviously)
  3. Back With A Vengance
  4. Wrecked 'em!
  5. much flavo(u)r, very zebra music, wow [with HACKD]
  6. Spiderfucker
  7. Futurehybrid Canine
  8. Orange Smarties
  10. Lesson.69 Cum Escapades [with Trent]
  11. Bibi~