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UNACCEPTABLE is a 5-track single and the first album and the first single by hardcore alias Spott. The featured song samples a catchphrase of the Earl of Lemongrab, a character from the TV show Adventure Time.

The Youtube release has slightly different vocals from the single and album release of the song, in that almost all the vocals are lightly distorted, while in the single and album versions, only the last chorus features distorted vocals.

The single also comes with a 135bpm version of the song which, until 19 March 2015, was labeled as "General Mumble remix". It was relabeled as "135 version" because it was thought to not fit General Mumble's remix style, as the only real difference is a drop in beats-per-minute and a few cut sections. The single contains instrumental versions of each track.

On 19 March 2015, the original version with distorted vocals throughout, labeled as "Youtube disto version", was added to the single as a fifth track. No instrumental version of this track was added, as the instrumental is exactly the same as the title track.

Track listing

  2. UNACCEPTABLE (135 version)
  5. UNACCEPTABLE (Youtube disto version)