Tarydium Mantra
Tarydium Mantra art
Artist(s) Blueschist
Genre Soft noise, ambient, sound art
Released 16 June 2015
Recorded Feb 2015 - June 2015
Length 67 minutes
Label Barrfparty
Price Name Your Price
Cover artist(s) Poowis
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CD Unknown

Tarydium Mantra is 14-track album and the debut release by Blueschist. The songs are made almost entirely out of samples of rocks. Exceptions include: A Jew's harp on "Déjà Reharis" and a prepared guitar on "Rock Farmer's Blues": Pts. I and II.

The song "Rock Farmer's Blues: Pt. I originally appeared on "just rocks (for Maud Pie)", an album curated by the Pinkamena Party crew using the same concept [songs made out of samples of rocks] as "Rock Farmer's Blues" for sedimentary prepared guitar.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Granite Bath: Shallow
  2. Déjà Reharis
  3. Rock Farmer's Blues: Pt. I
  4. Rock Farmer's Blues: Pt. II
  5. Platiary I
  6. Biotitious
  7. Warp Pad Defect
  8. Rockpool: Layer I
  9. Rockpool: Layer II
  10. Sedimentary Value
  11. Platiary II
  12. Schingle
  13. Icium
  14. Warp Pad Reboot