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Synesthesia is a 13-track album by General Mumble, the first of which to make heavy use of self-written lyrics and self-recorded vocals throughout, with all tracks besides "Modem" featuring Mumble on vocals.

Track 4 is a cover of Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game".


The artwork displays a circle, sectioned off into twelve equal "slices".

"the artwork for this album is a slightly simplified version of how a year looks to me [because of synaesthesia], starting with January at the bottom, and continuing clockwise each month with its own colour (though the shapes used are more refined to keep the artwork tidy). My minds eye is almost always displaying this image, with myself at the corresponding location to whatever time of year it is." - General Mumble, taken from the Bandcamp page for this album.

CD + Chromesthesia

The album was released on limited-edition CD in January 2017 in a six-panel digipak. It included a bonus CD, titled "Chromesthesia", which contained five re-workings of the main album's songs by Mumble and a few other aliases. 100 copies were produced.

Chromesthesia was released digitally on December 22 2017.


Track Listing


  1. Ride
  2. How You Set Me On Fire
  3. Now or Never
  4. Wicked Game
  5. Free or Fall
  6. Free For All
  7. Underwater
  8. Another Drop In The Ocean
  9. Saturate (In The Gray)
  10. Wasting My Time (feat. jennifur)
  11. MHow You Set Me on Fire VHow You Set Me On Fire VIPIPOdem
  12. Hurry Up (feat. Ariah)
  13. Voecus Coeruleus (feat. jennifur)


  1. How You Set Me On Fire VIP
  2. Now or Never (Spott's "2Fast" RMX)
  3. Saturate (In The Grey) (Daemien remix)
  4. Free or Fall '99
  5. Wicked Game + How You Set Me On Fire (Blueschist Suite)