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stabbed with a poo is a 21 track album and the 17th release by 77p egg. It was made mostly during a Huge Umbrella meetup in July 2015, with a few tracks being made afterwards.

The album comes with a MIDI file of the track "egg (77p)"


The artwork is a photograph of an embroidered t-shirt of 77p egg. Made by Doofcake and his mother using some 10,000 stitches or threads or whatever they are.

Track listing

  1. carrot for a cock
  2. groanstick (penis)
  3. egg (oiutewohtew)
  4. 77p dog piss
  5. never play this for sean
  6. MIDI (77p)
  7. sneeze in my cunt
  8. bacon and eggs in the kettle corn maize with my coffee
  9. itchy dildo
  10. happy birthday sean 21000 years
  11. holly's fart box
  12. MIDI (77p) (clarinet version)
  13. pringle shit
  14. MIDI (77p) (gunshot version)
  15. fseoiihrdggtdotfri shit on my ass
  16. MIDI (77p) (egg (77p) version)
  17. egg (23y)
  18. population density of 77
  19. MIDI (77p) (egg (77p) version) (radio version)
  20. fuck off
  21. everyone wants to go to bed