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Spottify is a 14-track compilation and remix album by Spott. It's the fourth album first remix album and first compilation album by Spott. It features a combination of VIPs of Spott pieces by Spott, remixes of other artists by Spott, remixes of Spott by other artists, and a few non-remixed tracks by Spott and other Mumble Etc. artists.

The album features tracks and remixes of tracks from the following releases:


The album download includes various alternate artwork versions, including an all-blue mask, all-fuchsia mask, and a version with blue-fuchsia two-tone instead of fuchsia-blue, and "tidier" versions of each that lack the parental advisory tag and descriptive text.


The album was released on unlimited-run CD via Createspace on June 11. It features 4 artwork variants on the booklet, which can be folded and flipped to display the user's favourite.

CD design, showing all four different cover variants.

Track listing

  1. Hello U^ェ^U 2.5
  2. I Came (to the party, obviously) (Spott's "Came 2 Slo" VIP)
  3. Back With A Vengeance (Spott's "Miku Kickback" VIP)
  4. Orange Smarties
  5. Hen Party
  6. Damien - D.O.A (Spott's "Dogs On Aerosols" remix)
  7. YABBA GABBA DOO (sc.Dave! & 77p egg's Fried remix)
  8. General Mumble - All My Eggs (Spott's Nightcore RMX)
  9. General Mumble - Now Or Never (Spott's "2fast" RMX)
  10. pinki! fun!! (Damien's BR*NY remix)
  11. Call Me Pinki, The Spiderfucker
  12. General Mumble - A is for Apple, B is for LSD
  13. Genreal Mymbloe - Romeo Douglás, the man who likes to fart on cakes, performs his rendition of "Tainted Love" and proceeds to evacuate his bowels on Daft Punk's chests
  14. YABBA GABBA DOO (Spott's "100% Less Gabba" VIP)

The full version of "Damien - D.O.A (Spott's "Dogs On Aerosols" remix)" is only available on the CD version of the album Metro 666.

The full version of "pinki! fun!! (Damien's BR*NY remix)" is only available on the CD version of the album Blimp Fortress.

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