Spott & Spica's Spectacular Space sParty
Artist(s) Spott, Spica
Genre Happy Hardcore, space
Released Sept 21, 2018
Recorded Sept 2018
Length 18 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price £2 GBP
Cover artist(s) yourKoa, Poowis
CD Unknown

Spott & Spica's Spectacular Space sParty!! is a 6-track collaborative EP by Spott and Spica, and Spica's debut release.

It consists of 4 space-themed happy hardcore tracks with elements of speedcore, gabber, eurobeat, and breakcore. "Gimme Space" features KaiKai Kim, an UTAUloid by @kaisukikai.

It is the first release since Mumble Etc. became a two-person project.

Track listing Edit

  1. U^ェ^U Hello ^/\{•;;•}/\^
  2. Bring U Luv
  3. Gimme Space!!! (feat. KaiKai Kim)
  5. Keygen Squadron
  6. byeeeeeeeeewewewwewe