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Spott is the fourth alias under the Mumble Etc. label. She is a dog-zebra-hyena hybrid from a re-imagined version of Jupiter's moon, Callisto (now living on Io with Spica). Her fur patterns bear resemblance to the "stripes" of Jupiter, while the name "Spott" comes from the swirled spot on her flank, which resembles the planet's Great Red Spot (as well as the fact that a stereotypical name for a dog is "Spot", and that zebras have stripes, not spots). She produces a range of tongue-in-cheek hardcore music including, but not limited to, breakcore, hardcore, speedcore, gabber, and happy hardcore, sometimes infused with elements of other music such as trap, dubstep, and psy.

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Other appearances

  • wot my trampstamp finks i shud do, Pinkamena Party's "RAINBOW DASH IMPALES HERSELF ON A WROUGHT IRON FENCE" (2013)
  • Glass In My Vagina, Pinkamena Party's "RAINBOW DASH IMPALES HERSELF ON A WROUGHT IRON FENCE" (2013)
  • Call Me Crazy, The Call Me Maybe Research Institute's "thisiscraaaaaaaazy" (2013)
  • very zebra music, much flavo(u)r, wow (with HACKD), Pinkamena Party's "Academy of Booty" (2014)
  • Wrecked 'em, Pinkamena Party's "Academy of Booty" (2014)
  • I Came (to the party, of course), Pinkamena Party's "Arse & Hooves Day" (2015)
  • Lesson.69 Cum Escapade (with Trent), Gak Attack Record's "Gak Attack Vol. 2" (2015)
  • Futurehybrid Canine, Swaffelcore Records' "24 Hours of Pain - Old into New" (2015)

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