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Spid n Yeen @ Rat Rave is a 20-minute, 9-track live album by Spott and Spica. The set was performed in Minecraft at The Rat Rave, hosted by Avenue Minecraft Concerts on 22/01/2021. The concert was free to attend (streamed via Twitch and Discord) with donations taken to give to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. The album is name-your-price, with any profits also going to ASAN.


The artwork features two rats (an image used to promote The Rat Rave event) coloured approximately like Spica and Spott, respectively, surrounded by Minecraft particle effects.

Track listing

  1. Spott x Spica - WHAAAAT
  2. Spott & HACKD - much flavo(u)r, very zebra music, wow
  3. Toby Fox - Spider Dance (Spica Remix)
  4. Spott - Play
  5. Spott - Get Me Some #Skittles (feat. Spica)
  6. Spica - Viva La Muerta
  7. Spott - stupid horse (feat. 初音ミク)
  8. Spica - Spiral
  9. Spica - Love Punch (feat. Spott)