Spica, as depicted in the video for her remix of "Spider Dance", drawn by Koa
Species Cobalt blue tarantula
Gender Female
Genre Hardcore etc.
Year of birth 1997
Character designer(s) Koa
Status Active
Spica is the eleventh alias on the Mumble Etc. label, under which Koa releases hardcore and similar styles of music. She is an anthropomorphic cobalt blue tarantula (colored as the species suggests) and Spott's canon girlfriend. Her abdominal growth bears a star-like pattern, and her main four limbs have patterns that resemble the night sky. She has two humanoid arms, four spider-like limbs sprouting from her back, and two humanoid legs. Her personality mirrors Spott's in energy and she is a bit of a tomboy.

Spica's name is the same as that of a blue-white giant star in the Virgo constellation - the fourteenth most visible star in the sky. Koa originally developed a fondness for the star due to a song titled after it and performed by Hatsune Miku.

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