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Real Mitochondria Problems is a 7-track EP, and the first release by Groaning Mitochondria. The album primarily features pitched-up groaning noises with ambient noises in the background.

The album was intended to be much longer, and comprised entirely of heavily layered groaning, resembling drone music. This idea didn't happen because it kinda just didn't.

Track listing

  • tfw someone makes a warm spot in the cytosol
  • when u pumpin out dat atp but the organelle fam aint doin shit
  • tfw the nucleus just aint puttin out
  • tfw u on break but dem science men peekin at yo membranes
  • when u get stuck on a red blood cell
  • when u stuck on the liver cell
  • when the ribosomes keep making "smooth endoplasmic rectum" jokes