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Pollogamy is a 16-track compilation album by General Mumble. It's the thirty seventh album and the eighth compilation album by General Mumble. It contains a "bunch of less-heard-of dancey tracks of Mumble's, with a sprinkling of more-heard-of tracks". The tracks are mixed together to create a nonstop mix.

The tracks featured are taken from the following releases:


The title of the album loosely translates to "chicken marriage", and is a play-on-words of "polygamy" - meaning marriage to multiple spouses. A reference to Mumble's affinity for chickens.


The album was released on unlimited-run CD via Createspace on 10 February 2016.

Pollogamy CD design

Track listing

  1. Silly Videogame Bleep Bloops
  2. Shark Sharts
  3. Scientists Can Party
  4. That Box
  5. Bluejack
  6. Sausagefighter
  7. A New Day + Dubstep RMX
  8. Music In The Treetops RMX
  9. Maneater Manatee
  10. Bottlenose Tophat
  11. All Fine
  12. Sugar & Fat
  13. Dinner's Severed, Pinkie
  14. Mayhem Invades Equestria
  15. Obnoxygen
  16. Raise This Barn RMX + Re-arrange This Barn


This album refers to LAPFOX-HALLEY nonstop mix THE FUCKDEST JAMS