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Plunderphonic Animatronic is a 4-track mashup EP. It's the first album and the first EP by plunderphonics alias, MUM-B1.

The project started in February 2012 when Ren of Lapfox Trax asked Lewis if he wanted in on a mashup weblabel project alongside Truxton and some other artists. It was eventually decided, however, after three mashups were released under the General Mumble alias, that the weblabel would not go ahead. A fourth mashup, "Ring-A-Ding Dogge" was started in May as a gift for Ren on their birthday, but was abandoned and left uncompleted until February 2013.

Shortly before EP release, it was decided that a new alias, MUM-B1 would be used for mashups, as all the tracks had been released to Youtube accompanied by various sections of the same artwork of Mumble in robot form, with the model number "MUM-B1" on the chestplate.

Track listing (with sampled tracks)

Title Sampled tracks
A Firm Whip To The Tuchus Rage Against The Machine - "Sleep Now In The Fire"

Michael Jackson - "Stranger In Moscow"

Spice Girls -" Spice Up Your Life"

Usher - "Yeah!"

The Beatles - "Help!"

Fuck Buttons - "Surf Solar"

Toxic Party Pants HIM - "The Sacrament"

In Flames - "Touch of Red"

Basta - "Mama"

Linkin Park - "Numb"

HIM - "Our Diabolikal Rapture"

Metallica - "Damage Inc." (really-minor part)

Metallica - "Unforgiven II" (really-minor part)

Def Leppard - "Rock of Ages"

Metallica - "Ronnie"

Gorillaz - "Clint Eastwood"

Green Day - "The Grouch"

Snook - "Mister Cool"

Britney Spears - "Toxic"

The Winstons - "Amen Brother"

Daft Punk - "Technologic"

Cat Stevens - "I Found a Love"

Ring-a-Ding Dogge American Hi-FI - "The Art of Losing"

Some stupid Geico ringtone shit

Jackal Queenston - "Raatid Fiah!"

Christina Milian - "Dip It Low"

Oasis - "Wonderwall"

Furries In A Blender - "Wheels of Steel"

Danny Baranowsky - "Forest Funk (Ch 1 Light World)"

Sweat'n Saturn Babylon Zoo - "Spaceman"

Michael & Janet Jackson - "Scream"

Electric Six - "Danger! High Voltage"

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under The Bridge"

Skrillex - "Breakn' a Sweat" (with The Doors)

Usher - "Yeah!"