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Please Pump in Some Colour! is the nineteenth album and the fifth physical release by General Mumble. The physical release also includes the EP Bottlenose Tophat.

"Four 2 Zero" is a remix of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Kurupt. "Don't Fall Down the Dubstairs" and "Derpstyyyle" reunite us with MD, the co-founding member of General Mumble. "Beat the Walls Down" is an experiment combining all of the aliases that existed at the time, excluding Genreal Mymbloe. The song has stylistic hints of an early Riikira song.

The CD packaging for Please Pump In Some Colour + Bottlenose Tophat

Track listing

  1. Obnoxygen
  2. Four 2 Zero
  3. Down Fall Down the Dubstairs (with MD)
  4. Derpstyyyle (with MD)
  5. Brushed in a Rush
  6. Beat the Walls Down (with Daemien and Spott)
  7. 000000

Physical release track listing

  1. Obnoxygen
  2. That Box
  3. Kersal Space Program
  4. Four 2 Zero
  5. Bottlenose Tophat
  6. Don't Fall Down the Dubstairs (with MD)
  7. Scientists Can Party
  8. Derpstyyyle (with MD)
  9. 999 (An Emergency)
  10. Brushed in a Rush
  11. Beat the Walls Down (with Daemien and Spott)
  12. 000000
  13. 999 (An Emergency) (Rotløs Remix)