PWR ON. 2k13!
PWR ON 2k13
Artist(s) General Mumble Spott
Genre Unknown
Released 1 January 2013
Recorded Unknown
Length 38 minutes
Label Mumble Etc.
Price Name your Price digital download, $10 USD for CD
Cover artist(s) Unknown
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PWR ON. 2k13, is a 10-track album by General Mumble, it's the seventeenth album by General Mumble

Track listing Edit

  1. PWR ON. 2k13 (feat. Spott)
  2. A Bloody Good Rogering
  3. ...And Get The Fuck Down
  4. Lights Are Out
  5. A New Day
  6. Elysium Winter
  7. Nali
  8. Coldblood Soiree
  9. Niagara Nightfall
  10. A New Day (Dubstep remix)