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PEGASII DOGGE AM, stylised as ◭PEGA§II ± DOĞĜE AM◭, is a 9-track album, and the second album by plunderphonics alias MUM-B1.


The album is a brief venture into the world of vaporwave music, containing a handful of songs slowed down and slathered in effects, sometimes chopped up and combined with other songs to create mashups.

The album artwork shows a highly saturated, low-polygon stone bust of MUM-B1. It was created using UnrealEd 2.0, the program used to make in-game levels for Unreal Tournament '99, then later edited in Photoshop. It was inspired loosely by the album art for Blank Banshee 0 by Blank Banshee. As such, the album comes with a raw, unphotoshopped UnrealEd version of the artwork, and a version of the artwork with text and a modified background to reference Blank Banshee 0, among two other alternate artwork versions and a 1920x1080 wallpaper.

Cassette tape

The album was released as a limited edition cassette tape in September 2015, as requested by various fans of the album, making it the first Mumble Etc. release to appear on cassette.

Car shot.jpg

Track listing

  1. l u c k y s p a r k l e
  2. GotUBby
  3. 24ḈṜṰ
  4. YmuOsicU
  5. ᗍSANCTUARY1741ᗍ
  6. Ƞ Ð Ṿ Ṝ
  7. L.A.S.T. D.A.N.C.E
  8. D4NKHALL-D4Z3
  9. ÆS COER


Due to the album and song titles containing special Unicode characters, some zip-extractor programs encounter errors upon extracting. The album zip comes with a text file containing URLs to alternate downloads with special characters omitted from the filenames. These links also appear in the "Download" section of the infobox on this page.