Mumble Bundle 2k18

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Mumble Bundle 2k18 is an 18-track name-your-price compilation released by Mumble Etc.. It features a handful of notable works from various aliases from 2018 and is the first since Mumble Etc. became a two-person project. It is the seventh release in the Mumble Bundle series of yearly compilations.

Track listing

  1. General Mumble - Broken Rib Blues
  2. Spott x Spica - Gimme Space!!! (feat. KaiKai Kim)
  3. - Red Rhino (Let Me into the Forest)
  4. Spott - Still Time 4 Jammin' (feat. 4lung)
  5. Fiveskin - Midori TP
  6. ◻ - I Hope You Don't Need More than Two.
  7. Daemien x Lilith - How You Set Me on Fire
  8. Goji - Muru
  9. Riikira - Inhuman Creation Station
  10. Koa - Play Pretend
  11. Daemien - Rip Out My Eyes
  12. Goji - Through Root and Crown
  13. Spott - Empress of Spider Kingdom
  14. Fiveskin - BETTY BETTY
  15. General Mumble x Koa - They're Up To Something, Gummy
  16. Spott - Play
  17. Spott x Spica - WHAAAAT
  18. General Mumble - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (feat. MUM-B1)
  19. Fiveskin - Miss Wakowski (download-only

bonus track)

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