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Unlimited-run jewel case CD

Mumble Bundle 2k14 is an 18-track name-your-price compilation released by Mumble Etc.. It features a handful of notable works from various aliases from 2014. It is the second release in the Mumble Bundle series of yearly compilations, following the Mumble Bundle 2k13, and preceding the "Throwback" compilation Mumble Bundle 2k12, which was released in 2015.

The tracklist is ordered by "tracks that flow decently well into each other", except the last few tracks, which are placed at the end due to their generally inaccessible sound.

The cover art shares its background with the background seen on Mumble Etc. sites from late 2014 through to the end of 2015.

The album was released on unlimited-run jewel case CD via Createspace early 2015.

Track listing

  1. General Mumble - Wasting My Time (feat. ʝennifur)
  2. Spott - Back With A Vengeance
  3. Riikira - Acid Wave
  4. ◻ - Petrichor
  5. Ariah - Wings Over Nyleve
  6. General Mumble - >=)
  7. Riikira - Distort The Dogfight
  8. ◻ - My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush
  9. General Mumble - We May Be Divided (feat. 【mica】 & Daemien)
  10. ◻ - Feed Your Spider
  11. General Mumble - How You Set Me On Fire
  12. Spott - Wrecked 'Em
  13. ◻ - Ouroboroalis
  14. Ariah - Omicron Dusk
  15. ◻ - Everloch
  16. Rotløs - Piranhas
  17. Inoperable Mass & Genreal Mymbloe - Discord (Eurobeat Brony cover)
  18. 77p egg - egg (77p)