Mumble Bundle 2k13
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Artist(s) General Mumble, Daemien, Spott, Ariah, MUM-B1, Genreal Mymbloe, Pupae, Jenny тнє Monster, Tellab, Glaze, JackTHerbert, Interrobang Pie,
Genre drum & bass, electronic, dark ambient, dubstep, electronic metal, experimental, hardcore, harsh noise, metal, pony, speedcore
Released 14 Dec 2013
Recorded 2013
Length 72 Mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price Name Your Price (digital)

$11 USD (CD)

Cover artist(s) Poowis
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Mumble Bundle 2k13 is a 21-track name-your-price compilation released by Mumble Etc. It features a handful of notable works from various aliases from 2013. It is the first release in the Mumble Bundle series of yearly compilations, being followed by the Mumble Bundle 2k14 and the compilation Mumble Bundle 2k12, released in 2015 as a "Throwback" compilation.

The tracklist features the more popular work from 2013, featuring some n​ew exclusive tracks and a few collaborations with good friends from Huge Umbrella.

The cover art shares its background with the background seen on Mumble Etc. sites from late 2013.

Few of the tracks are only found on the bundle and are currently not found anywhere else.

CD Edit

The album was made available on Unlimited-run CD via Createspace in December 2015.

Mumble bundle 2k13 cd

CD version, available via Createspace

Track ListingEdit

  1. MUM-B1 - Ring-a-Ding Dogge 
  2. General Mumble - Starchheart
  3. General Mumble - Babs Seed RMX
  4. General Mumble - Obnoxygen
  5. General Mumble - Scientists Can Party 
  6. Ariah - Helix Pass 
  7. Daemien - Atomicbitch Yellowbelly 
  8. General Mumble - Devil In Me (Feat. Tellab) 
  9. Spott - Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango 
  10. General Mumble - Suite E 
  11. Pupae - i want to be on a compilation BUT NO ONE LIKES MY MUSIC へ​(​✖vv✖へ)
  12. General Mumble - 999 (An Emergency)
  13. General Mumble ~ Interrobang Pie ~ Glaze ~ JackTHerbert - Neverending Trot
  14. Genreal Mymbloe - Happy Birthday You Stupid Moth Butt (feat. jenny тнє monster)
  15. Spott - Hen Party 
  16. General Mumble x Daemien x Spott - Beat The Walls Down
  17. Daemien - Ptolomea
  18. General Mumble - Underwater 
  19. Daemien - Eye Folds 
  20. General Mumble - A New Day 
  21. ◻ - Floor 2, Room 15 - Finances