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Mumble Bundle 2k12 is a 21-track name-your-price compilation released by Mumble Etc.. It features a handful of notable works from various aliases from 2012. Despite containing works from 2012, it was released in 2015 as a "Throwback" compilation, making it the third in the Mumble Bundle series of (what are usually) yearly compilations, following the Mumble Bundle 2k14 and Mumble Bundle 2k13.

The tracklist is roughly grouped by fun tracks and dark tracks, with track 13, Genreal Mymbloe - John Cage - 4'33 (Speedcore remix), acting as a divisor, as it is just 27 seconds of silence.

To celebrate the release of the compilation, all paid albums under the 2012 section of were made free for a limited time.

The cover art background is a reference to the album Songs About The Pink One (and others) by General Mumble, which was the most popular album of 2012. The colours used in the cover art are a reference to a general trend of blues, cyans, yellows, oranges, pinks, and magentas used in almost all album artworks from 2012.

Track listing

  1. MUM-B1 - A Firm Whip To The Tuchus
  2. General Mumble - Pink 'n' Pie (Pinkstep remix)
  3. Spott - Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango
  4. General Mumble - Not THAT Kind of Party
  5. Spott - pinki! fun!!
  6. Genreal Mymbloe - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUh
  7. MUM-B1 - Sweat'n Saturn
  8. General Mumble - Her Evil Dances
  9. General Mumble - Pb1c 4m
  10. Genreal Mymbloe - POO POO HAHAHAHA
  11. General Mumble - Niagara Nightfall
  12. General mumble - Jazz Invades Equestria
  13. Genreal Mymbloe - John Cage - 4'33 (Speedcore remix)
  14. General Mumble - The Stare Master
  15. Daemien - Mole and the Worm
  16. General Mumble - Bite Down
  17. Daemien x General Mumble - What It Does To The Skull
  18. General Mumble - Nali
  19. General Mumble - Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  20. Daemien - Bolge XI
  21. Daemien - Caveat Nautilida