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Missing Character is an eponymous 27-track album, and the debut full-length release by .


The album was released on unlimited-run CD via Amazon's Createspace service.

CD design


  1. Precious Poppy
  2. Slippery Rope
  3. It's Not Snowing
  4. Staden Som Aldrig Sag Solen
  5. Feed Your Spider
  6. /fetish/null
  7. A Picture of Imperfect Health
  8. Tysd
  9. Familiarity: Missing
  10. Anæsthesia for Our Pain
  11. Ouroboroalis
  12. ∞ 
  13. Floor 2, Room 15 - Finances 
  14. My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush 


Tracks 13 - 26 are all in between 0 - 15 seconds of silence, and in total equal 60 seconds of silence.

Tracks 28 and 29 are found on the CD release of Missing Character as bonus tracks.

Floor 2, Room 15 - Finances appears on the Mumble Bundle 2k13

My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush appears on the 24 Hours of Pain album (Released on Swaffelcore Records) as well as the Mumble Bundle 2k14