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MUM-B1 is the fifth alias under the Mumble Etc. label. He is an animatronic dog/pegasus with many similar features to General Mumble, to whom he is a pet. He creates plunderphonics, containing very little original content, sampling works from other artists to create entirely new pieces. To process music, MUM-B1 must first be fed at least two physical sources of music, be that via a vinyl record, CD, tape or MP3 player, which are then internally digested and excreted as a new product.


In 2012, the artist Synad was commissioned to draw an animatronic version of General Mumble. The image was later used in various song artworks for a mashup EP, started by Mumble. The artwork was simply considered a stylised re-imagining of Mumble until shortly before the EP "Plunderphonic Animatronic" was released, when it was decided that it would be fun to create mashups under a new alias. The name MUM-B1 comes from the model number etched onto his chestplate, which is also a way of saying "Mumble" in leetspeak.




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