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In Your Eyes is a 12-track album and Koa's second full-length release.

The record wanders stylistically around and adjacent to pop. Like its predecessor, the album features a great deal of collaboration, including appearances by General Mumble, PegasYs, Seventh Element, TCB, and two vocal synthesizers, Kasane Teto and Hatsune Miku. Influences for the record include Giga, Bruno Mars, and Charlie Puth; a playlist of tracks that inspired those on In Your Eyes can be found -here... soon-.

Each track is told from the perspective of a different character in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," as noted in the track listing below, giving reason for the album's title.

In Your Eyes CD.jpg

CDs of the album were made available for sale beginning at Ciderfest 2021, which coincided with the album's release; remaining copies were made available on Bandcamp on October 31, 2021. The CD comes in a six-panel digipak and includes two bonus tracks (Beyond Her Garden and ホットココア ~徹夜のうた~).

Track listing

  1. 君の目に (feat. 重音テト) - Derpy
  2. Walk. (w/Seventh Element) - Rarity + Vinyl Scratch
  3. Supercut (You Don't Know What I Did Last Night) - Berry Punch
  4. Background pt. 1 (w/TCB) - Lyra Heartstrings
  5. Drown (feat. 初音ミク) - Silverstream
  6. Wanna Be pt. 1 (feat. General Mumble) - Diamond Tiara
  7. Wanna Be pt. 2 ~ Identity Crisis - Thorax
  8. Glimmer - Starlight Glimmer
  9. Shattered (feat. General Mumble & PegasYs) - Sunburst
  10. Background pt. 2 - Bon Bon
  11. Pinkie Bard - Pinkie Pie
  12. forget me not - Minuette