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How To Twiddle A Couple Dials And Dance Like A Twat is the thirty second album and the second live album by General Mumble. It was recorded on 22 August 2014 at Manchester Central Convention Complex, as part of the Summer Sun Celebration music festival, part of the BUCK convention.

The album is a direct live feed from the event. As a result, the sound is in mono. The album is comprised of one 25-minute track, which contains 12 mixed tracks.

The album artwork is the first to feature Mumble in person.

Track listing

1. How To Twiddle A Couple Dials And Dance Like A Twat

  2. JAQL - Crap Slap
  3. General Mumble - Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  4. Spott - pinki! fun!!
  5. Cheryl Merkowski - Walls Fall Out
  6. Trent - BIG BAMBINO, THE
  7. - Feed Your Spider VIP
  8. Pendulum - Slam
  9. Spott & HACKD - much flavo(u)r, very zebra music, wow
  10. Bandetto - sexy sexy sandpaper (180 VER.)
  11. Spott - Wrecked 'em!
  12. Spott - wot my trampstamp finks i shud do