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Hindsight is an 11-track album and the third full-length release by Riikira. It is comprised mostly of electronic metal with digital vocals.

Many of the songs on the album are heavily inspired by both global and personal struggles experienced during the year 2020, reflected in the album title, a play on the expression "hindsight is 20/20", and the purposeful end-of-year release date. The album chronicles topics such as COVID-19, police brutality, isolation, and detainment. Other topics covered include capitalism, gender, and despression.

The album sees Riikira using a wider range of speech banks - such as a prominent use of American, and occasional use of Australian, Scottish, and Chinese - instead of her British English default. All lyrics are still English.

The final track, Driiifter, features a choir of 10 individuals:

  • Amethyst 'Amy of Shadows' Trotter
  • Astro
  • Cacadae Sillick
  • Deadcanons
  • Famitory
  • General Mumble
  • Koa
  • Sae
  • Three Colors in Line
  • Trashbag

The album was released on CD on Dec 8 2021. Packaged in a 6-panel "digisleeve", it comes with a poster/lyric sheet combo, a sticker, and two bonus tracks.

Hindsight CD front.jpgHindsight CD Inner.jpgHindsight CD Outer.jpg

Track listing

  1. Hindsight
  2. Confine Me
  3. Rotting in Place
  4. Waveshaper
  5. Home?
  6. Let Them Bleed
  7. ... .. -. -.- .. -. --.
  8. Thanks for the Cracks
  9. Push It Out
  10. CMYK
  11. Driiifter
  12. Boats (CD-only)
  13. Inhuman Creation Station (Cover of CKY) (CD Only)