Headless Monsters and Horse Magic
Headless Monsters
Artist(s) General Mumble, Daemien, Tellab
Genre House, dubstep, downtempo, metal, pop, solo piano
Released 22 August 2014
Recorded ~Summer 2012 - October 2013
Length 72 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price £10, reduced to £5 on final day of convention, remaining copies $12 online.
Cover artist(s) Iris-sempi
Download None
CD Storenvy (SOLD OUT)

Headless Monsters and Horse Magic is an 18-track, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic themed, Halloween compilation album by General Mumble. It's the twenty ninth album and sixth compilation album by General Mumble. It contains all 9 tracks from the EPs "The Headless Horse EP" and "Monsters & Magic", including instrumental versions of each song. It was released exclusively on CD for sale at BUCK 2014, along with "The Horse Disc".

Title and artwork Edit

The title is an amalgamation of the two EPs, "The Headless Horse EP" and "Monsters & Magic", that the compilation features.

The artwork also combines the themes of the two EPs artworks, featuring Pinkie Pie wearing a Jack-O-Lantern as a mask, like on the cover of "The Headless Horse EP". It is drawn in the green, gutsy-gory style of "Monsters & Magic" (and by the same artist, Iris-sempi). Pinkie is seen cutting up Changelings (a Changeling featured on the "Monsters & Magic" cover art) with a chainsaw.


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Track listing Edit

  1. The Headless Horse
  2. Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  3. Dinner's Severed, Pinkie
  4. The Stare Master
  5. Perfect
  6. Crack Up The Creepy
  7. Consumed (You're Doomed) (feat. Daemien)
  8. Devil In Me (feat. Tellab)
  9. Perfect (Reprise)
  10. [INSTRUMENTAL] The Headless Horse
  11. [INSTRUMENTAL] Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  12. [INSTRUMENTAL] Dinner's Severed, Pinkie
  13. [INSTRUMENTAL] The Stare Master
  14. [INSTRUMENTAL] Perfect
  15. [INSTRUMENTAL] Crack Up The Creepy
  16. [INSTRUMENTAL] Consumed (You're Doomed) (feat. Daemien)
  17. [INSTRUMENTAL] Devil In Me (feat. Tellab*)
  18. [INSTRUMENTAL] Perfect (Reprise)

*Due to the fact that this track is instrumental, Tellab doesn't actually feature in this track, but is credited anyway.

Note: Tracks 10 through 18, the instrumentals, do not appear on the rear track listing on the CD packaging.