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Happy Heartcore is a 12-track album, and the 4th full length album by Spott. It consists of mostly hardcore electronic music, taking cues from pop music, pop rock, and occasionally fully departing into other genres like UK bassline and hyperpop. Compared to previous releases, the album has a much bigger focus on more contemporary songwriting and original vocals - with Spott singing on 9 of the 12 tracks.

The album contains 3 cover tracks; songs originally by General Mumble, 100 gecs, and System of a Down. The full download of the album also comes with 3 bonus tracks that are variations of existing tracks on the album.

The cover of More Than a Chicken features a choir of people, recruited via Discord and Twitter, to shout "fuck" for the last couple of choruses: Alumx, AnimeVeteran, Artur 'RTheM' Lurich, Astro (Elysian Tunes), AverkosWolf + StuffEXA, AWal, Bassblitzed, BeaniBirb, Brainiac, Cynifuck, Delta Sierra, General Mittler, Gobiraptor + Waffles, JMD, Koa, MC-Arch, MelodyBrony, mimifluffy, Nevermourn, Payyn, PegasYs, Phoenix Redtail, Raccoon, Sunny, The Memester, Val, Whirly Tail, Yossarian, Zaperox

Track listing

  1. Happy Heartcore
  2. Caboost!
  3. SuperNova
  4. More Than a Chicken (cover of General Mumble)
  5. Palps!!
  7. Breakfast in Bed
  8. Get Me Some #Skittles (feat. Spica)
  9. stupid horse (cover of 100 gecs)
  10. Wiggly Hyperspace
  11. CUBErt (cover of System of a Down)
  12. BB Lightnin'
  13. stupid horse (feat. 初音ミク) (bonus)
  14. Get Stupid, Clap Paw ("U WANNA LISTEN..." beta version) (bonus)
  15. More Than a Chicken (extended cut) (bonus)