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Happy, is a 6-track EP, and the sixth release by .

Musically, it consists of relatively-short sporadically-structured tracks making heavy use of odd time signatures, microtonality, and imperfect mixing; taking themes from idm, hardcore, math rock, and other experimental genres.

The goal was to create an EP with tracks that shift between happy, melancholy, and anxious; sometimes with abrupt changes, sometimes simultaneously, inspired by "the happiest year of my life, marred with enough stressors to make it the most challenging."

It was released at the same time as a sister-EP, tired., an EP by Pupae, which uses the tracks of Happy, to create a harsh noise EP of the same length.

Track listing

  1. Happy,
  2. Girls' Clothes
  3. Bag of Worms
  4. Off-Blithe
  5. Have You Considered...?
  6. Su(dd/ll)en