Halloweeny Pee: The Halloween EP
Artist(s) Pupae
Genre Harsh noise
Released 22 October 2014
Recorded Unknown
Length 35 minutes
Label Barrfparty
Price Name your Price
Cover artist(s) Spenws
Download Bandcamp
CD Unknown

Halloweeny Pee: The Halloween EP is the tenth release by Pupae. It pushes the limits, duration-wise, for a proper EP, but as stated on the Bandcamp page for this album, it was "just for the name anyway." This is the first holiday-related album by Pupae, which is ironic considering Halloween is a mostly western holiday anyway.

Track listing Edit

  1. catheter the friendly ghost
  2. eye
  3. s-p-o-o-k---n---s-t-r-e-t-c-h
  4. godzilla precum shower
  5. tentatickle
  6. the lawnmower farted (and for some reason that's spooky)