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General Mumble is the sophomore, 6-track album by General Mumble, back when the alias represented the joint project of (now) Mumble and MD. Although completed sometime in Autumn 2010, it wasn't officially released by itself until November 2015 on the Mumble's Very Old Things Bandcamp page.

The album consists of a handful of tracks that were made while learning the basics of FL Studio.

"Feel (Wrecking Bros. Remix) is a remix of Robbie Williams' "Feel". "GRRR (Mumblemix)" and "Poetic and Beautiful" are covers of songs composed by Mumble and MD's band projects, -NN- and Hot Exit respectively.

The tracks also feature on "Old: A Collection of Things That Are Old", a collection of old, unreleased tracks, released in 2014.

Track listing

(tracks are not assigned an order and are listed here in alphabetical order by file name)

  1. Feel (Wrecking Bros. Remix)
  2. GRRR (Mumblemix)
  3. Paul is a Persons Name
  4. Poetic and Beautiful
  5. The Last Pessimist
  6. Vociferation