General Mumble is the first and primary alias and spearhead of the Mumble Etc. label. He is a blue, cyan, and yellow pegasus, often depicted wearing a chicken hoodie or suit. He produces a wide range of accessible electronic music, including, but not limited to house, drum & bass, dubstep, synthpop, electropop, and electronic rock.

Origin Edit

The General Mumble project started in April 2010. Originally, "General Mumble" was the name of a duo project between Mumble and MD. The name was chosen on the spot (by each picking a word) to hastily give an artist name to some musical doodles created in FL studio while they were learning the basics.

Later, the project was continued solo by Mumble when MD left town for university. After amassing a large body of work and gaining popularity, it was decided that any future collaborations between the two be credited under General Mumble & MD or similar.

When working together, Mumble and MD now appear as The Wrecking Bros.

Style Edit

The style of General Mumble's music has evolved and swayed greatly over time. Earlier releases vary from dumb "comedy" music to gabber to space music, among others. Most of these styles have since been channeled into other aliases, thus refining his style more towards "accessible" electronic music.

Character sheet Edit

General Mumble Character Sheet

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