Fuck my dad but wait its not tuesday yet

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fuck my dad but wait its not tuesday yet is the eighth [ninth?] shitty release by 77p egg. its title is remnant of some shitty 12 year old girl who thinks lol t3h randomz = funny.

sc.dave said one day in a group skype chat "you have 1 hour to make a 77p egg album called fuck my dad but wait it's not tuesday yet, go" to a handful of people but only mumble and doof contributed i think.

theres a review of it by deadcanons on the bandcamp:

"Professional reviews everywhere are saying that "fuck my dad but wait its not tuesday yet" is a modern masterpiece. It is the greatest collection of audio to be released in literally decades, making striding steps in the world of media. It is forward-thinking, intelligent, and postmodern. Audiences are begging 77p egg for more."  -dadcanons

"tour of my shit house" has a music vido

"doofs contributeion" is by doofcake

track listing

  1. a tour of my shit house
  2. piss1
  3. e
  4. my xylophone
  5. piss3
  6. doofs contributeion
  7. eating goes a long way
  8. piss4
  9. the sound of someone being fisted in the cock three blocks away 
  10. wwwwwwwww
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