Fiveskin (album)

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Fiveskin is a 20-track, self-titled album by Fiveskin. It was made by sc.Dave! and General Mumble during the New-Year period of 2016/17 over the course of 5 days.

Most of the tracks sporadically change genres throughout, making many tracks seem like they have multiple tracks within them. Lyrical content from the album comes mostly from next-word-prediction functions on smartphone keyboards, with the starting words being based on events that happened over the New Year. Some of the songs also make use of BBC news reports, and each member's older music from when they had just started.

Although stylistically this album drunkingly stumbles over genres, most tracks feature heavily industrial beats, harsh noise and skin.

The song "My Degree" was made during the autumn of 2014 in Coventry.


The album was released on unlimited-edition CD via Big Pharma Records on April 6, 2017.

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Fivemark Tradeskin
  3. Hello (Skin)
  4. Smash My Milk
  5. Foreskin
  6. Sexy ICU
  7. 2c-b in Spoons (Interlude)
  8. I Go Where I Please
  9. Sweetcoren
  10. 30
  11. Leg Citizen
  12. My Degree
  13. Sprung Sperm
  14. Skin Purist (Interlude)
  15. Pills
  16. Skin Clippings
  17. Salty Weed
  18. Tiger Woods
  19. Wet Kneecap
  20. Radio Fiveskin (Outro)
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