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even my dick has a bigger dick than me is a 19-track album, and the 14th release by 77p egg.

Most of the tracks were made during a Huge Umbrella meetup in Sheffield in May 2015, some were made in Georgia in June 2015, and "acordien" was made in Estonia in June 2015.

Track listing

  1. start
  2. period cup
  3. mumbles having a piss buuoooopp
  4. i found this in my samples folder and i was like ok
  5. noice
  6. this one time i went to bhutan
  7. 7pus
  8. h
  9. im high
  10. acordien
  11. acordien vip
  12. 77aud
  13. suck my finger but wait i dont really have fingers
  14. 77p alarm clock
  15. ahem poo
  16. getting baked (in da oven) (at 420 degrees)
  17. formula 77
  18. o
  19. shutdown