Egg protest fried FRIED urinary tract infection fuck off

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egg protest fried FRIED urinary tract infection fuck off is the first full album by 77p egg. The album was initially released on the Huge Umbrella Bandcamp page. It was also re-released on the 77p egg Bandcamp page upon its creation. There are 3 songs on the album that aren't even a second long.

It features 77p egg's most popular song, "egg (77p)", previously released as Eggeggegg cegg egg egegegegegeg egg fry you egg.

Song 15 is a remix of "anus" by Huge Umbrella from Horrific Nursery Rhymes for Degenerates.


  1. anal sex
  2. the P
  3. barnacle poo (original mix)
  4. barnacle poo (extended mix)
  5. barnacle poo (extreme mix)
  6. cotton cunt
  7. 77pegghoiawe
  8. EUUUU
  9. egg (77p)
  10. nilly
  11. this one time
  12. club beat (Martin Garrix remix)
  13. sipdick
  15. anus remix
  16. vengabug
  17. digit
  18. pony
  19. untitled.wav
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