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De Remicks, is the fifth album by General Mumble and his first remix album, is a 15-track remix album with collab songs, remixes of his songs, and his remixes from other people's songs.

Track List

01. Atomic Cupcakes (vs. Allicorn)

02. sci - push buttons until it sounds pony enough (vs. General Mumble)

03. ArtAttack - She's A Pony (ArtAttack remix)

04. Pinkie Cake x General Mumble - PIE

05. Rainbow Sands (The Curse of) [as Makkon]

06. Hydra Pulse (Glitcha-twitch Remix) [vs. Lenich]

07. 5/4, 3/4 (feat. Interrobang Pie)

08. Mumble Invades Equestria (vs. Interrobang Pie)

09. Andy Feelin - Ponytroll [as General Mumble] [befriends Vol Jang of Trolls News]

10. Last Dance, Dash [as Andy Feelin]

11. Makkon - Test Pony [as General Mumble]

12. For The New Lunar Republic [Remix] [vs. Not A Clever Pony]

13. Vinyl vs. A Select Bunch of Stuff that Sounded Good Together (feat. sci & Glaze)

14. Glaze - She's A Pony (Remix)

15. Interrobang Pie x General Mumble - Scootaloo Touches FL Studio But Gets Bored and Plays Video Games