De Remicks
De Remicks
Artist(s) General Mumble, Sci, ArtAttack, Pinkie Cake, Interrobang Pie, Andy Feelin, Makkon and Glaze
Genre Unknown
Released Unknown
Recorded Unknown
Length 45 mins
Label Unknown
Price Free
Cover artist(s) Unknown
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CD None

De Remicks, is the fifth album by General Mumble and his first remix album, is a 15-track remix album with collab songs, remixes of his songs, and his remixes from other people's songs.

Track ListEdit

01. Atomic Cupcakes (vs. Allicorn)

02. sci - push buttons until it sounds pony enough (vs. General Mumble)

03. ArtAttack - She's A Pony (ArtAttack remix)

04. Pinkie Cake x General Mumble - PIE

05. Rainbow Sands (The Curse of) [as Makkon]

06. Hydra Pulse (Glitcha-twitch Remix) [vs. Lenich]

07. 5/4, 3/4 (feat. Interrobang Pie)

08. Mumble Invades Equestria (vs. Interrobang Pie)

09. Andy Feelin - Ponytroll [as General Mumble] [befriends Vol Jang of Trolls News]

10. Last Dance, Dash [as Andy Feelin]

11. Makkon - Test Pony [as General Mumble]

12. For The New Lunar Republic [Remix] [vs. Not A Clever Pony]

13. Vinyl vs. A Select Bunch of Stuff that Sounded Good Together (feat. sci & Glaze)

14. Glaze - She's A Pony (Remix)

15. Interrobang Pie x General Mumble - Scootaloo Touches FL Studio But Gets Bored and Plays Video Games