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David Cameron is a 13-track album by Genreal Mymbloe and sc.DURRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111. It's the fourth album by Genreal Mymbloe. It was made during a week long meetup between the two. Most of the album was made while intoxicated, and is laden with toilet, sexual, and generally poor humour, often with sub-par production values.

The album artwork is a depiction of David Cameron made out of the text "DAVID CAMERON". The corner of the artwork displays the British Board of Film Classification 18 certificate.

The tracks "dave composed a nice track that i shat on" and "another track dave was making that i ruined" were made as a result of the following challenge: "Two people take turns to create a song - one person has five minutes to make something nice, the other has two minutes to ruin their work. Repeat these steps until you have reached your desired length of song."

Track listing

  1. david cameron
  2. gobble my dick
  3. dave composed a nice track that i shat on
  4. i am
  5. suns out guns out
  7. another track dave was making that i ruined
  8. the poo has got legs
  9. pizza
  10. drum n bass is well shit (feat. fecal matter)
  11. who does their CV at a friends house (dave does)
  12. 7
  13. the ****** that should have been fermented for a few more months