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DEPOSITOR is a 14-track album by Pupae. It mostly contains works from early 2016, with a few unreleased tracks from 2014 and 2015.

The tracks were made using a combination of hardware and software, including Android apps, VSTs, guitar pedals, light sensors, and lasers. The track "Hors9" is a direct recording of a Youtube video uploaded to the Mumble Etc. Youtube channel, titled "im a musician". The track "The Big Orange" was originally submitted to a compilation run by Ragk that never came out under the name "big, new, orange".

Track listing

  1. The Big Orange
  2. DownSquid
  3. UpSquid
  4. Bubblegum Cum
  5. Crouching Tiger Hides A Bad Dragon
  6. Hors6
  7. Hors9
  8. Ihr Ohr
  9. Containment
  10. Contaminent
  11. Slugtrail
  12. Soggin Pink
  13. E127E171