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Cuntry Bumpkins is a 10-track collaborative harsh noise album by Pupae and Neon Rave Cats On Venus. It is the 9th release by Pupae, and the 1st release by Neon Rave Cats On Venus.

The album was made during a one-month vacation in Georgia, USA, keeping with the Pupae tradition of creating an album for every visit to a foreign country.


Jen had a dream about Vanessa Carlton releasing a new album. The Cuntry Bumpkins artwork was made based on how the new Vanessa Carlton album appeared.


Track 10, HFCS, was inspired by a migraine Lewis had while coming home from Atlanta, which is the first and only migraine he has had.

Track listing

  1. ~Twirly Whirly~
  2. Dr. Kz
  3. mars is grand
  4. fish
  5. kawaii SPUNGEcake
  6. spacetime555
  7. texas chainsaw masturbator
  8. When not preparing tea...
  9. (I am) THE URINATOR
  10. HFCS