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Compos 2k14 And Some Other Stuff, Yeah is a 16-track compilation of demos, compo entries, and WIPs under the name General Mumble.It's the thirty first album and the seventh compilation album by General Mumble. It is the third in a yearly series of accrued compo tracks. Unlike the previous compilations, A Disappointing Amount of Compo and A Year And A Bit of Compo, this compilation contains more than just material from the One-Hour-Compos from, with tracks from February Album Writing Month, Battle of the Bits - Detroit X, and 24 Hours of Pain.

All tracks are credited as General Mumble, despite many being later finalised under different aliases.

Track listing (followed by finalised aliases and names if applicable)

  1. do you know these people? ( - Familiarity: Missing)
  2. Moonguy (Ariah - The Birth)
  3. 4bode
  4. Pipe Down ( - Precious Poppy)
  5. O Ratanhia ( - O, Ratanhia)
  6. boob (feat. I FuCK CaTs)
  7. ig
  8. Riser
  9. Bottlenose Tophat
  10. Kersal Space Program
  11. Omikro (Ariah - Omicron Dusk)
  12. That Box
  13. Wings Over Nyleve (Ariah - Wings Over Nyleve)
  14. I Was Conceived In The 80s
  15. My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush ( - My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush)
  16. Life After Blood (Rotløs - Life After Blood)