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CLOP /)^3^(\ is an 11-track album and the second release by General Mumble. It consists entirely of tracks inspired by or sampling My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic material, and is the first Mumble Etc. release to do so.


The title of the album uses all caps and kaomoji as a reference to Basshunter's album LOL <(^^,)>.


With the release of several tracks of this album, most notably "She's A Pony", General Mumble saw a significant rise in popularity within the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. When the album was released, it was posted to Equestria Daily and garnered a large amount of attention and downloads.

Track listing

  1. Afraid To Get Your Wings Dirty?
  2. Ponystomp (20% Cooler)
  4. An Evil Brew
  5. Scratch vs. Octavia
  6. She's A Pony
  7. Pink 'n' Pie
  8. Glitchypie
  9. Cotoponi
  10. Winter Wrap Up (General Mumble Remix)
  11. Southern Birds/Season 1 Wrap Up