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Blueschist (pronounced BLOO-shist) is the third artist to be introduced to the Barrfparty label. The project is a mainly sound art project based around rocks and stones. The alias was developed for the Pinkamena Party album just rocks (for Maud Pie) and was originally named "Schist" upon the initial release of the compilation, but was changed after the sync listen to Blueschist, simply because Mumble learned there was a rock with that name and liked it better. Three months afterwards, Blueschist released her debut album.


Other appearances

  • "Rock Farmer's Blues" for sedimentary prepared guitar, Pinkamena Party's "just rocks (for Maud Pie)" (2015)
  • Igneous rocks, contact microphone and reverse delay, Pinkamena Party's "just rocks (for Maud Pie)" (2015)