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Bienen auf dem Bauch [German "Bees on the Belly"] is the eighth release by Pupae. This album, much like FUTAFUTA FLYBY!! and Cuntry Bumpkins, upholds on the tradition of making a noise album with every vacation to another country - the country this time being Austria. The album was made with a laptop and an iPad over a week's visit there. Appropriately, the album title and all song titles are in German.

Track listing

  1. Bienen auf dem Bauch
  2. Gesichtsfickspielzeug
  3. Dein Sauerkraut
  4. Gelber Schnee Schaumparty
  5. Eine Stange
  6. Meine Euter
  7. Die Milch
  8. Scheiße Frei

Song titles in English

  1. Bees on the Belly
  2. Face fucktoy
  3. Your Sauerkraut
  4. Yellow Snow Foam Party
  5. A Rod
  6. My Udder
  7. The Milk
  8. Shit Freely