Beating a Dead Horse

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Beating a Dead Horse is a 6-track EP by General Mumble. It is the fifth release in a series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed Halloween EPs, and the first since 2015.

It was originally not going to exist, but since a Halloween track (Goodbye, Holiday) was finished just prior to Halloween, it was decided that it would be fun to give it a home on an EP, alongside the previous year's "Death In The Treetops". The EP also comes with a 20-minute megamix of spooky tracks from previous EPs and albums.


The title of the EP is a joke on the fact that ideas for My Little Pony-based music are running low for Mumble, while also fitting the "mildly-spooky and horse-related" title quota.


The album artwork is recycled from Headless Monsters and Horse Magic, a CD released in 2014 exclusively for the BUCK convention in the UK. containing the two Halloween EPs that were available at the time, The Headless Horse EP and Monsters & Magic. It was lightly reworked for this release, with some overlays removed and a recoloured background.

Track listing

  1. Goodbye, Holiday
  2. Death In The Treetops
  3. 2011-2017 Halloween Megamix
    1. >=) (120 BPM)
    2. Her Evil Dances (120 BPM)
    3. Couldn't You Just Simply Die? (120 BPM)
    4. Perfect (120 BPM)
    5. She Sank (120 BPM)
    6. Slimebag (170 BPM)
    7. Death In The Treetops (163 Ver.) (170 BPM (lol))
    8. Forgive Me (170 BPM)
  4. Goodbye, Holiday (Instrumental)
  5. Death In The Treetops (Instrumental)
  6. Death In The Treetops (163 Ver.)
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