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Auria; Fade of Dusk is a 9-track concept album and the second full-length release by . Each song was based off of a piece of art made by the Twitter bot @greatartbot, created by Anthony Prestia, a bot that generates a piece of art randomly every 6 hours.

The song "One of One Places" was one of the first songs to receive a music video. The video was created by musician and glitch artist Existence Cemetery.


The album was released on CD in December 2014, limited to 20 copies, making it the most limited run of CDs yet. The CD was homemade, using adhesive paper, black digipak cases, glossy paper, black Sharpie pens and recordable CDs. The CD itself, spine, insert, and rear tracklist contain extra art from @greatartbot not featured on the front cover.

On 29 July 2015, it was rereleased on unlimited-run CD via Createspace. The tracklist remains the same as the previous CD run and digital version. This time in a standard jewel case, with a booklet instead of a single sheet for lyrics and info. The artwork has one extra image by @greatartbot, and the lyrics and credits are separated onto two panels inside the booklet.


  1. Grubbalia
  2. Petrichor
  3. One of One Places
  4. Saqqara
  5. The Great Lyde Mushroom Forest
  6. O, Ratanhia
  7. Smart Side of the Moon
  8. Everloch
  9. Ø