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Audio Only is a 5-track compilation EP (10 tracks, including instrumentals) by Mumble Etc. It serves as the 2018 installment of the yearly Halloween EPs, which until this year were solely produced by General Mumble and contained solely My Little Pony-related music.

This year, the label opted for more of a showcase of different aliases, as well as included music about fandoms and topics other than My Little Pony, namely Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy's (specifically, Sister Location). The EP also includes a track from the Fiveskin album Fyveskin that contains vocal stems from the Globglogabgalab.

The title of the EP is a direct reference to Five Nights at Freddy's, in which one of the security cameras viewed by the player is defunct, instead only displaying text that reads "--CAMERA DISABLED-- AUDIO ONLY".

Album artwork

The cover artwork for Audio Only is heavily inspired by the first Five Nights at Freddy's game: It features Koa, General Mumble, MUM-B1, and Spica drawn as animatronics, viewed through security cameras.

The 3D environments were modeled in Unreal Engine by Poowis, while Koa provided the characters' illustration. Poowis also handled post-processing.

Track listing

  1. Koa - Play-Pretend
  2. MUM-B1 - Ghostwatching
  3. Toby Fox - Spider Dance (Spica Remix)
  4. General Mumble x Koa - They're Up to Something, Gummy
  5. Fiveskin - Globs of Krokodil
  6. Koa - Play-Pretend (Instrumental)
  7. MUM-B1 - Ghostwatching (Instrumental)
  8. Toby Fox - Spider Dance (Spica Remix) (Instrumental)
  9. General Mumble x Koa - They're Up to Something, Gummy (Instrumental)
  10. Fiveskin - Globs of Krokodil (Instrumental)