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All the Colours of Sleep is a 15-track album, and the first release by sleep-music alias Goji.

The album contains 52 minutes of soft music designed primarily for relaxation, and consists of spacious pads, piano pieces, slowed-down and reworked sections of songs previously released by other Mumble Etc. artists such as MUM-B1 and Missing Character, field recordings, and subtle hints of ear-to-ear ASMR cues.

Track listing

  1. Aphid
  2. 4374
  3. RainWing
  4. Oh
  5. Tired
  6. To Go To Space
  7. Rhode to The Moon
  8. Florale
  9. Then
  10. ssSands
  11. Autumn Permafruit
  12. As the Forest Floor Glitters
  13. Tribu
  14. Duskbreaker's Talons
  15. NightWing