Genre IDM, experimental, downtempo, glitch
Released 06 Feb 2016
Recorded December 2015 - Feb 2016
Length 39 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price £1.50 GBP (digital)

£6.50 GBP (CD)

Cover artist(s) Poowis
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Agneta is a 10-track album and the fourth full-length release by . Much like previous albums, it is comprised of experimental electronic music, ranging from soft and soothing to mid-tempo, with odd time signatures, sometimes irratic and "glitchy" percussive work, and generally unconventional approaches to composition. Many of the tracks contain original vocal work, making it the ◻ album with most original vocals and lyrics at time of release.

"Chimerical Foam" and "Honeyvein" both received music videos for Youtube, made using Unreal Engine 4.

"I'll Give You Four Guesses" is a re-working of "One of One Places", from the album Auria; Fade of Dusk.

CD Edit

The album was released on limited edition CD on 18 April 2016, featuring a completely transparent jewel case with vinyl stickers, and a white slip case.

Track listing Edit

  1. Chimerical Foam
  2. Aemea
  3. Ripped Genes
  4. Arc Ilfit
  5. Caterpill
  6. I'll Give You Four Guesses
  7. Ibagreski
  8. Agne2
  9. Stygian Foam
  10. Honeyvein
  11. Chimerical Foam (Bored of Earth remix) [CD-only bonus track]