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ablum tilt egos her, (stylised as "^ ablum tilt egos her >"), is a 5-track Patreon & Bandcamp fan club exclusive collaborative EP by Genreal Mymbloe and inoperablema55. It consists of 5 poorly-executed covers of various popular songs.

Most of the songs have the original instrumental in the background, with poorly-sung vocals and poorly-played instruments added over the top, except for Last Resort, which is a full cover. It was made approximately between November 2013 and the Summer of 2014 with the intention of being expanded but ultimately never was.

Track listing

  1. Crawling (Linkin Park cover)
  2. Photograph (Nickelback cover)
  3. Last Resort (Papa Roach cover)
  4. Sasaraf (Lil Wayne cover)
  5. Discord (Eurobeat Brony cover)